Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Trip Deposit Terms:

At the time of trek / trip booking, a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 30% of the Tour / trek price, per person per Trip is due to the Tour Operator – Earthbound Expeditions Nepal.
If the booking is made 90 days or less prior to departure, full payment is due at the time of arrival. The non-refundable deposit should be sent to the Tour Operator or authorized agent, as applicable.

Cancellation Policy:

(a) Cancellation 90 days or more before first departure on relevant booking: 30% deposit will be held by the Tour Operator in accordance with these Terms and the remainder of the payments to the Tour Operator for the cancelled Tour will be refunded.
(b) Cancellation 60-89 days before first departure on relevant booking: An amount equal to 50% of the Tour price of the cancelled Tour will be refunded.
(c) Cancellation less than 60 days before first departure on relevant booking: No refund will be payable.
(d)Incase of emergency or a valid reason if the deposit to be hold longer ( postpone of the trip) or transfer to friend or the family of the booked traveller we will consider this.


Earthbound Expeditions reserves the right to update or alter these Terms at any time, and will post the amended Terms on the our website.
Any amendment will take effect after being posted to the Tour Operator’s website or written e-mail. An up to date copy of these Terms, as amended, may be accessed at any time on the Tour Operator’s website and will be sent to you upon written request.
You are deemed to have accepted any amendments. The Tour Operator recommends that you refer to the Terms prior to travel to familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date version available.

Terms and Conditions for Reference voucher

1. Reference discount is only valid when the referred party makes a direct booking with Earthbound Expedition and the name of referee is mentioned.
2. As the referrer, you can refer multiple clients, receive voucher worth USD 100 per booking.
3. The voucher is transferable.
4. Voucher is not valid if the referrer party and the referred party travelling on the same itinerary on the same date.
5. The total package cost per booking or per person must exceed USD 700 .
6. The referred party must book the vacation within 12 months of being referred in order for the offer to be valid.

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