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Tours in Bhutan

The eastern Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan is also known as Druk Yul - The Dragon Kingdom or kingdom in the sky!

Tours in BhutanThe Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan lies along the lofty ridges of the eastern Himalayas, bordered by China ( Tibet ) to the north and northwest, and by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and Sikkim on the east, south and west respectively.

Bhutan (Bhhu Uttan- meaning high land in Sanskrit) is also known as DrukYul, The Land of the Thunder Dragon - an ancient Himalayan Kingdom. Little has been known about Bhutan, mainly due to its rugged terrains and thick forest cover. With the difficulties of nature overcome, Bhutan is yet to be discovered! Only about 30,000 tourist visit Bhutan a year. Combine Nepal and Bhutan tour with us to enjoy the beauty of this two Himalayan countries.


Opening for tourism only in 1974, Bhutan today is one of world's most exclusive tourist destinations. Those few travelers who journey to this magical kingdom will find themselves in a land of pure and exotic mysticism. Earthbound Expeditions various Cultural Tours introduce visitors to unique aspects of Mahayana Buddhist culture, including visits to religious festivals and pilgrimage sites and on whichever tour you go, there are fascinating excursions to villages, temples and scenic spots for a closer look at a culture and a land which remain the most unspoiled and beautiful example of the traditional Himalayan way of life in existence today. The sample Cultural Tour Programs given in our website can be modified to meet travelers' individual preferences.

Bhutan Tour Packages

Bhutan Luxury Tour - 09 Days

Bhutan Luxury Tour

luxury tour of Bhutan - the last shangri-la on earth has a rare combination of harmony and accord ...

Nepal and Bhutan tour - 12 Days

Nepal and Bhutan tour

Bhutan and Nepal has a rare combination of harmony and accord amidst a landscape of incredible beauty. ...

Bhutan West to East Tour - 12 Days

Bhutan West to East Tour

A cultural tour to Bhutan serves as an introduction to our heritage by visiting festivals, and sacred ...

Festival tour to Bhutan - 11 Days

Festival tour to Bhutan

Many visitors come to Bhutan to enjoy the most popular festivals tsechu, which are held in Paro ...

India, Nepal & Bhutan Adventure Tour - 18 Days

India, Nepal & Bhutan Adventure Tour

With a fascinating history and impressive architecture, stunning views of the Himalaya and exciting ...