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Testimonials 2007

( Here many comments by our clients who have travelled with us in diffirent years to diffirent tours and treks, kindly go through it to know more about our services and realiability)

You can read comments by our clients about our rek and travel services at also

Comments about Kathmandu - Everest - Lhasa tour by Sara and team July - 2007

From : Cadeddu Sara
Date : 8 November 2007 18.21
To : ''
Subject : Thank you!

Tibet Overland TourDear Rajan,
hope everything is fine with you. Although are some picture of four of us in Tibet!
Each time we look at them we can't believe you really managed to make such a wonderful trip of Nepal and Tibet for us. It has been really a unique experience, and you made it possible! the drive, views, hotels everything was so great, Thanks to your kindness and attention to all the details for our Holiday. All the best
Sara Cadeddu and Team Italy
Settore Crediti Corporate, Tel. +39 06 6767360, E mail:

Comments about Nepal - Tibet tour by Simone & team ( 4 pax), July - 2007

Hi Rajan,
Charlotta and I are sadly back at work in Rome, with many fond memories of our Nepal - Tibet trip. We certainly will endorse Earthbound Expeditions and suggest it to any person we will meet who will be planning to travel in the Himalayan area - we actually hope to come back for a trekking some day in Nepal. Kathmandu - Lhasa - Everest tour was a truly memorable trip and a very good service from Earthbound Expeditions. Namaste, and thanks again,
Simone and Team from Italy

Comments about Kathmandu - Everest - Lhasa tour by Helene & Paul, June - 2007

Dear Rajan,
First of all I would like to apologize for late reply.
Paul and myself relly enjoyed the Tibet - EBC Trip you have arranged for us. It really gave us a good first taste (for a full taste one have to spend more than 10 days in Tibet!) of Tibet and its cultural / religious attractions as well as its landscape and beautiful mountains.

The trip was very well arranged, with the best possible choice of accomodation as well as of the Tibetan guide and driver. Not only this made the trip an unmissible and unforgettable experience, but as well your candid preparation and description of what we have to expect in Tibet and how certain situations are best dealt with. We also enjoyed the few days in Nepal before and after the the trip to Tibet, where Rajan and his team made sure we got the most out of the 3 days we spent in Napal.
Many thanks again for this great trip and we will cetainly get in touch again when we plan our next trip to the Himalayan region.
Helene & Paul from Belgium

Comments by: Minh and Christine (India Nepal Tour), The Buddhist curcuit tour, Ajanta & Alora caves, Agra, Boudhagaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Lumbini--April. 2007)

Kathmandu TourChristine vudinh <> wrote:
Dear Rajan
What a fabulous tour you have organized for us!
Minh and I thoroughly enjoyed our pilgrimage and sightseeing trip to India and Nepal.You went beyond your call of duty to make our trip meaningful and interesting. Your care for our safety and well being was much appreciated.
Hope to be able to take another tour with you in a near future.
Dr. Minh and Christine, California, USA.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ali Affleck
To: Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 4:48 AM
Subject: Thank you !

Hi Rajan
Sorry it took me a while to respond to your email. I have been really busy.
Thank you so very much for the wonderful trip in India and Nepal. It really was excellent in every way. We especially like the guide and driver, I highly recommend them and hope that you use them in the future - they really made the trip superb with their great attitudes, sense of humour and amazing knowledge!
It was truly wonderful meeting you. I am recommending you and Earthbound to everyone and will always make a point of telling those who are keen on visiting Nepal and India. I really do hope to return and take another trip with you in the future as I have a great deal of affection for both your country Nepal and India. I felt very blessed to be able to experience such incredible and beautiful countries.
Hope to hear from you soon
Your friend, Alison Affleck From USA, book India and nepal tour via internet

Comments by: Ms Khatidja from Canada about India & Nepal tour, June 2007

"My trip with Earthbound Expeditions (E.E.) was truely excellent. I was concerned about travelling to India and Nepal as a single female traveller, and opted for a guide to ease the way. After contacting over 25 different local and foreign tour agents, I decided on E.E. because of their fair price and solid customer reviews. E.E was definitely the right choice for me- Rajan planned an excellent trip at very short notice, was able to accomodate my last minute changes in itinerary once I arrived in Nepal, and personally offered me a chance to glimpse a more private view of life through a visit to a local orphanage. Rajan also has a particular enthusiasm for promoting the beauty of his country, which made my trip all the more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Earthbound Expeditions to others."

Ms.Khatidja - 22 , from Canada

Comments by : Rocio and Team about India - Nepal – Tibet Tour, Oct 2007

Our Clients with BabaFrom: "rocio dominguez" <>
To: "Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal" <>
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 3:56 AM
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Rajan,
I want to thank you very much for the Incredible trip that you makes for my sister and my friends to Delhi, Taj Mahal, Nepal and Tibet. You are very professional, and the most important is your attitude very positive, and all of your team, everybody was always smiled in a good mood and happy every day, I am sure that you are the best travel agent in Nepal, cause you always have a solution for our doubts and everything.
We will visit again your country, it is beautiful, and unforgettable!
We hope to go back very soon, and have another great experience with you! I already starting passing your names to our friends and relatives here in Maxico. Namaste!
Rocio Dominguez, Elizabeth, Guadalupe and Romy Sala from Maxico, India - Nepal - Tibet tour - booked via website in Oct 2007.

Comments by : Floyd & Jodi, about India - Nepal – Tibet Tour (Delhi to Beijing Overland tour) Sept - Oct 2007

----- Original Message -----
From: "Schleyhahn, Floyd"
To: "Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal"
Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 2:05 AM
Subject: Thank you

Hi Rajan, Yes, we made it back safely to home and are both back to work, We certainly had a wonderful time and appreciate all of your help in making our dream vacation (India - Nepal - Tibet - China tour ) become a reality. When we arrived home, the border patrol was very surprised that we even made it into Tibet. Like you said, several people were denied entry and they were very surprised that we were allowed in. I told them that we had a great travel coordinator who made it happen! that is you, Thanks again, Rajan. Please keep in touch!
Floyd & Jodi, from USA, took our Delhi to Beijing overland trip Sept 29 to Oct 21 ,
Book via website

Comments by : Giacomo & Alessandra, about Nepal – Tibet Tour – 12 days, Sept 2007

Dear Rajan,
The tour Nepal and Tibet that you have organized has been very beautiful, we have been very happy of the services from you offered. We are making here you a lot of publicity in Italy and we hope that some friend of ours goes to Nepal. We still thank you so much for your availability and seriousness and to have contributed to make this very beautiful trip.
Talk to you soon again

Kindest regards Giacomo & Alessandra from Italy, Book via Website

Comments by: Ian and Liz from United Kingdom about Everest panorama trekking in Nepal May - June 2007

From: "Ian Kettle" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 9:08 AM
Subject: Thank you - Rajan

Below are the few words as a testimonial for your website which I promised to send because you really take good care of us:

Hello everyone who are considering trip to Nepal,
My girlfriend Liz and I just returned from 16 amazing days in Nepal (Everest Panorama trek), we book through internet with Rajan. We would like to extend our thanks to Rajan and his team for organising a perfectly executed trip to see Everest as well as a trip to Chitwan national park and whitewater rafting. From the outset we were looked after and made to feel comfortale throughout every step of the trip. We took 8 day trek led by a highly experienced guide ( Mahendra) who inspired confidence and always ensured our health and enjoyment were his top priority. Rajan and his team treated us like family and were always available for contact no matter where we were in Nepal. Rajan and his team certainly brought most out of this beautiful country for us. Rajan also kindly arranged our onwards tickets out of India at no extra charge. Most importantly however, whever we went throughout the country, when other guides and companies asked us who we were with, when Rajan and Earthbound was mentioned, it was always met with the acknowledgement that he is one of the best, most experienced and most trusted tour organisers in Nepal. Liz and I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to you for the trip, it was so well organised. I think we will definately be coming back to Nepal in the future and will go back through you ( Earthbound Expeditions).
Many thanks and stay in touch,
Ian and Liz , from United Kingdom

Comments by: Augusto Petacchi about Everest Base Camp Trek, Dec 2007

Trekking with Earthbound ExpeditionsDear Rajan,
I would like to thank you very much indeed for making my trip to Nepal-Everest Base Camp a truly enjoyable experience. It was very nice to be warmly welcomed at the airport, and taken around through Kathmandu the following day. The Samsara hotel is a nice and comfortable accomodation, with kind personnel, and it is conveniently located near shops and restaurants where one can buy a souvenir to take home, or try some good Nepalese (as well as international) food.

The actual trek to Mt .Everest Base Camp was a wonderful experience and a masterpiece of organization. Every aspect of it was carefully planned and I always felt I was in the hands of people who knew what they were doing. Ramchandra is the kindest and most experienced guide one could imagine, and I want to thank you very much indeed for choosing him to trek with me.The places I have seen on the Himalayas are beyond imagination. Most of the lodges were comfortable and the people friendly. The food was on average good, tasty, and freshly cooked. The weather was spectacular, which made the whole experience even more memorable.

Above picture of Augusto with Yak in Everest trek. I want to emphasize that nobody should expect an easy life on these mountains. If you just want to be lazing around by a swimming pool, then chose a 5 star fake resort in Florida or Mexico. Let me make it very clear: life on the Himalayas is not easy, for anybody. The fact that the Sherpas and your guides / porter do their best to make you feel at home and as comfortable as possible, doesn't mean that you are exempted from making an effort. On the contrary, going up, with limited oxygen, in the cold, and with UV radiations hitting on your head all day long is not trivial at all, and you have to really work hard to get to the top. However, what you get from being pushed to the limit in such a naturally astounding environment is invaluable and beyond explanation. You can only understand that by getting there. So, what are you waiting for?! - go and enjoy!
In conclusion, dear Rajan, I will certainly recommend a trip to Nepal (Mt. Everest Base Camp in particular) with your agency Earthbound Expeditions to all my friends. Actually, I have already begun to do so! I wish you a lot of success with your activity. You definitely deserve it.
Augusto Petacchi, ( Italian) ,

Comments by: 5 Girls from USA Ana, Nikki Zuzana and Team about, Everest Base Camp Trek and Tibet tour - October 28 - Nov 19, 2007

Trekking in Nepal EverestDear Rajan,
I can't believe that I am back in my office here in US, trying to concentrate on my work ... it is quite difficult since my mind is still in the mountains and all I can think about is my fantastic trip to Nepal.
I would like to personally thank you for a great experience, our Everest Base Camp trek was spectacular! Everything was perfectly organized and I have to say that I was surprised how professional your company is.

It wasn't an easy group, a group of 5 women is a tough group - all different opinions, desires, goals ... but I have to say that thanks to our trekking guide Dibash, everything worked out well. Dibash has a great personality and he definitely goes out of his way to make sure that his clients are happy and satisfied. He is a great guide and I would definitely plan another trip with you guys.
I am already thinking about another trip to Nepal, will definitely stay in touch and will recommend your company with full confidence to my friends.A great trip!!
Picture of Ana, Nikki, Zuzana, Michelle & Joan ( The lady team) from NYC - USA, Oct 2007, Khumbu Everest valley - Everest base camp trek Nepal

Best regards from NYC, USA
Zuzana -, Ana Gilson <>, Nikki , Michelle & Joan, USA

Comments by: Kathryn & Matt about, Everest Base Camp Trek Nov, 2007

----- Original Message -----
From: Kathryn Zweig Weisbrod
To: Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal

We had a wonderful time in your beautiful country November 2007. The planning was very smooth, easy, and convenient - we appreciate how you answered our emails very promptly and throroughly. I was a little worried about setting the trip up via the internet only, but everything turned out just as planned and expected. I would highly recommend Earthbound Expeditions to anyone.
We enjoyed the sightseeing tour of Kathmandu that you took us on before we began our trek. We were honored to have you show us the city. It was clear that you are very knowledgeable and very proud of your country.

It was great how we were able to change our trip plans "on the fly." When Shree told us about Pokhara and the Annapurna range, we became more interested in visiting there (than continuing on our original itinerary to include Gokyo Lake). We appreciate how you accomodated our wishes and planned a short excursion to that area with no notice. I bet that a big "corporate" company would not have been so flexible.

Our guide, Shree, exceeded our expectations in every way. Shree speaks excellent English (among other languages) and has wonderful "people skills." He was attentive to our health and attitudes - asked us daily how we were feeling and if we were having fun, if he could do anything for us at all. Matt and I said to each other every night, as we watched other tourists and their guides, "we have the best guide here." Shree has a great sense of humor and was just fun to be around. We genuinely enjoyed his company and he was a main reason that our trip was so fun and unforgettable.
Thank you for a wonderful vacation to Everest Base camp . Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would love to tell others how professional, competent, and honest you and your company are.
Thanks! Kathryn and Matt Weisbrod, USA - book Everest base camp trek via internet

Comments by: Joe - 75 years ( oldest trekker of our company! ) and Mike from USA about, Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp TrekkingDear Rajan,
We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to you and all the local personnel of Earthbound Expeditions that made our stay in your country Nepal such a pleasant and safe experience that will be remembered by us for a long time.
All of our arrangements were made on schedule and the accomodations and hotel staff were most cordial and helpful. The guide provided by your firm, Mr. Naren, was a knowledgeable and professional during our trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp and his pleasant personality and concern for our welfare was more than we ever expected.
My son Mike still has quite a few milestone birthdays to celebrate and I know that he is anxious to spend some back in Nepal. Since I celebrated my 75th birthday with you on this Everest trip, I am leaving my options open. But I will try to stay in shape in case Mike needs company for another Nepal adventure.

Nov 15 - 29, 2007 : Joe Echelmeier 75 years - and son Michael Echelmeier :, from USA

Comments by: Danielle & Pascal about, Everest Base Camp Trek, Dec 31, 2007

Everest trekking in nepalDear Rajan I promised to send you the feedback long ago, but because of my travel I couldn't send you earlier. Here it goes :
"We walked the Everesrt Base Camp trail in Dec. 2005 and it was a very nice experience. Rajan picked us up from the airport and arranged everything from A to Z. After we we had a very spectacular flight to Lukla Ram ( our guide) was already waiting for us with his bright smile. We started late in December and had our New Year in Namche, pretty strange to us especially because we where there only with other trekkers and the guides. After that we walked further up to Kala Patar and looked down at the basecamp with the Everest in front of us. It was pretty hard because of the hight and cold wind but with spectacular views during the whole trekking. Every picture was with a blue sky!
In 2007 we decided to go back to Kathmandu to do a trekking again but this time in some more remote areas and choose to walk the Langtang trail with the Gosainkund Lakes and back across the pass to the Helambu region.

We were accompanied by Ram our guide, friend Mylene and Ghombu, we had a very nice time there. We even saw a red Panda and this is not a joke! The weather was perfect again with only one day of rain with resulted in a very nice experience again.
This coming year 2008! we wish to come back Nepal again and explore some more of the Himalayas organised by Rajan from Earthbound Expeditions.
We do recommend Earthbound Expeditions to everybody because they like what they're doing and you will notice that during your whole trip, you feel like a king!
Hope to see you soon, Rajan, Ram &n everybody from Earthbound,keep on doing the good work!
Best regards,
Danielle and Pascal, From the Netherlands' :

Comments by: Ariely family from Iserial about Nepal - Tibet Tour in Sept-Oct 07

Our GuestTo Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal
Thank you for your exellent tour and trek

We are the Ariely family - Rivca age 57 and Mordy are 62 years old.
Our previous tour experience includes trips to India, China, Burma, Kenyia, South America, USA and Europe. On Sept - Oct 2007 we traveled to Nepal and Tibet with Earthbound Expeditions. The tour program has been disscused by emails with Rajan couple of times months ahead of the tour. Rajan's advices has been fully proven as best option during the actual tour. Our tour included the Annapurna base camp trek, Tibet Lhasa tour with Everest base camp and attending the Dashain festival in Kathmandu. All the administration and logistics arrangments where properly done. The tour guide was good, the company has been very flexible acomodating on the spot although several changes required by us to the preagreed program. We had a great time. We highly recommend Earthbound Expeditions as a tour coordinator to any one,
For references Our email:

Comments by: Fong, May, Kit and Po chun from Hong Kong about Ghorepani - Ghandruk trekking in Nepal March-April 07

Ghorepani Poon Hill TrekkingFrom: man&may ( Hong Kong)
To: rajan simkhada ; Earthbound Expeditions
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2007 11:02 AM
Subject: Thanks for wonderful trip!

Dear Mr. Rajan, Mr. Ram, Kedar and Sudip,
We arrived home safetly after Nepal trip. We are writing to thank you for the hospitality you exteded on our vacation to your country Nepal. The whole journey the trek, Jungle Safari and sightseeing were delightful and memorable. For the photos we take with you all, we will send a CD by mail. We love your country, both the people and the great scenery.
Hope to see you all in the future! Take care!
Best regard ,
Fong, May, Kit and Po chun from Hong Kong

Comments by: Mark and Greta from Belgium about Everest Gokyo trekking in Nepal May 16 - June 2007

----- Original Message -----
From: mark thys
To: Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 12:24 AM
Subject: Everest trek note !
Namaste Rajan!
We reached home safely and with great memories of Nepal trek. Of course we enjoyed the Gokyo and Everest trek with your company, we will recommend your company to anyone who is interested visiting Nepal! I'll send you later pictures of our Everest trip.
Greetings, Mark and Greta from Belgium

Comments by: Katie from UK about Annapurna trekking in Nepal Feb 2007

From : Katie Robertson <>
Hi Rajan,
So sorry I haven't replied until now, I was busy. How are you? I arrived safely back in Delhi and we really enjoyed Annapurna trekking out there and my sister arrived safely back in the UK. We had a great trip thank you so much for arrangements and my sister said she'd be happy to advertise your company at her climbing club in UK so do be in contact with her.
Best wishes to you,
Katie from UK

Comments by: Henry and Christine Bro from South Africa about Annapurna base camp trekking in Nepal, Dec '06- Jan 2007

----- Original Message -----
Annapurna Base Camp TrekkingFrom: Henry Bro
To: Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 5:50 PM
Subject: Letter of recommendation
Dear Rajan
Sorry for the delay in writing this email, we arrived home to a very busy season of work and temperature in excess of 35C daily.
Once again thank you and the team at Earthbound Expeditions for making our stay in your country more enjoyable and more memorable than we thought possible.
As mentioned to you we found Earthbound Expeditions whilst searching the web when we started to plan our holiday and we were very impressed with the prompt replies via e-mail and the willingness to accommodate the two of us on the dates we could manage.Thank you also for making us feel confident by answering our questions and passing on references as we knew of no one in our circle of friends who had previously visited Nepal or trekked the Annapurna Sanctuary route.We were very fortunate to be blessed with good weather for the Annapurna Sanctuary trek and also blessed with a wonderful porter and guide.Our porter Hari was very kind and helpful always willing to go the extra mile for us and taking such great care of our goods especially our miniature “doko” which we had made and purchased at Bamboo Hotel. Always cheerful he made us laugh with his dancing both in the evenings and whilst on the trek.
Our guide Dibash certainly made our trek all the more enjoyable and memorable.With his professional, friendly, helpful manner and always attentive to our needs he made us feel very special.

Our guide Dibash enjoys his work as a guide and has a very obvious love for the mountains. He took pride and pleasure in pointing out and naming the peaks to us, not once but every time we saw them and we were in awe of the height and beauty of your mountains. Dibash also took care to explain customs and cultural idiocryminsies, identifying plants, animals and birds. He truly is an asset to Earthbound Expeditions.
Rajan, we will definitly be telling others in South Africa about Nepal and should they wish to visit we will not hesitate to give them your contact details. You have a beautiful country with wonderful humble people. As we would say in South Africa: Hamba Kahle (go well)
With regards
Henry and Christine Bro, South Africa.

Comments by: Hans en Jolanda from Holland [Langtang - Gosainkunda Trek Nov 2007]

langtang TrekkingBeste Rajan,
We willen jou bedanken voor de geweldige organisatie van onze reis. Via de mail hebben we samen een mooie reis samengesteld voor een goede prijs. Alle afspraken zijn nagekomen en vooral de gastvriendelijkheid van jou en je medewerkers hebben onze vakantie onvergetelijk gemaakt.
Het begon met de hartelijke ontvangst op het vliegveld, het goede hotel in Kathmandu, sightseeing, de 2 weken trekking door Langtang, Gosainkund en Helambu. Met een super vriendelijke en betrouwbare gids en drager. Na de trekking een heerlijke drie dagen in Chitwan met prachtige activiteiten, zoals olifantentrip en zwemmen met olifanten. Als slot van onze vakantie was er het diner met jou op traditionele Nepalese wijze.
We hebben weer genoten van de prachtige natuur, de gastvrijheid en de cultuur van Nepal. Dit alles op een perfecte wijze aangeboden en georganiseerd door Earthbound.

We komen vast en zeker weer eens terug en zullen onze reis wederom laten organiseren door Earthbound.
Hans en Jolanda, Holland