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Dear valued visitors,
In trying to determine the quality of our service, few things speak louder and carry more meaning than first-hand experiences and personal testimony. In an effort to try to give you a clear idea of who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate our business, we would like to share some of the thousands of testimonials below that we have received from members of tours, guided treks, and expeditions over the years.

What our clients said about us.., even at TripAdvisor , read all the testimonials from 1999 to 2013.
As part of Earthbound Expeditions's ongoing efforts to keep improving the way we do business and continue to meet or exceed client's expectations, we ask each client who joins us to pass along their thoughts and feedback in a formal manner. We make this possible via a written form and also via our web site in an electronic format.

We take both positive feedback and constructive criticism to heart and use it to assure that we continue to give traveller's like you a great experience.

Over a decade, we have introduced hundreds of people from all over the world to the joys of tour, trekking and mountaineering in Himalaya ( India - Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan). Many of them have returned and traveled with us again on new and different adventures. We believe our friends and clients are our best references. We hope you enjoy reading from this feedback, and that you will join an Earthbound Expeditions's tour and trek and share some of the rich experiences that our programs and staff have to offer.

Rajan Simkhada
Earthbound Expeditions

We hope it will help to give you more confidence to book trip with us..

Comments by: Ned Sterne Edward and his friend Mr. Bob Raynolds, USA
Who travelled with us for 34 days Kailash-Mansarovar tour / Trek with us in 2000

Dear all who are considering Kailash -Mansarovar tour
I understand that you and friends are considering a trip to Mount Kailash. I wish you the best of travels and assure you that the memories of this sacred place will stay with you always. In year 2000, an old friend and I had the pleasure of having Rajan Simkhada and Earthbound Expeditions expedite our sojourn from Simikot in western Nepal to Kailash and back. Our trip entailed several things out of the ordinary which only happened through the help of Rajan. Our small group of 2 was below the minimum allowed by the Chinese government and required special permits to be issued. We, as geologists and pilgrims wanted to walk the whole route and depart from the road to see the western shore or Raksas Tal Lake. Typically, the Chinese have people ride in a jeep from the border to the mountain and back. After long haggling, we were assigned a jeep but allowed to walk the whole way, a compromise that Rajan obtained for us. At the time of our trip, the Limi Valley along the border in Nepal was off limits to travelers but Rajan negotiated permission from our Nepalese liaison officer to traverse the valley. Besides the thousand and one small things that Rajan handled, often without our being aware, he very persuasively obtained seats for us on a plane out of Simikot for our return to Kathmandu and saved us a 3-4 day wait in Simikot (he stayed behind and brought our luggage to Kathmandu several days later on the next flight out).

Rajan is a very adept young man. Having transitioned from a remote village to Kathmandu, Rajan is well known throughout Nepal for his work in television and is the driving force behind Earthbound Expeditions. As a devote religious man, he was the perfect travel companion and friend to share in this sacred space.

I encourage you to make the trip to Kailash and I wish you the best of travels. If you decide to use Rajan’s and Earthbound’s services you will not be disappointed. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Ned Sterne : and Mr. Bob Raynolds :, USA