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Sunkoshi River Rafting - 09 Days

Sunkoshi River Rafting
Small group adventure & luxury holidays to the HIMALAYAS with professional and friendly guides. We are a local travel agency that ensures all funds are returned to its people.

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Known as The River of Gold

9 days river trip

The River of Gold

Nepal's Sunkoshi is considered among ten best rivers in the world during the voluminous flow. It is also called the river of gold. With the arrival of high H20 again rives are pumping … Our experience always counts, but even more so at high flows. Travel down the timeless region along the Sun Koshi, a voluminous river gathering strength from tributaries draining from the highest peaks in the world. This is a versatile and continuous river running for 270 km between roads. Whipped foamy white rapids appear where narrow canyons constrict the river's flow and nature flexes it's muscle. There are dozens of adrenaline pumping rapids and miles of calmer water to sit back and reflect on this beautiful area. The river rises near Tibet and is joined by the Bhote Koshi just downstream from Barhabise. Most raft trips start at Dolaghat. The Sun Koshi flows eastwards in Nepal through the great valley between the Mahabharat Lekh Mountains and the Himalayas.

The volume increases considerably draining flows from his Himalayan tributaries. In November, the flow at Dolaghat is about 100 cumecs. Lower down the river, through the big rapids of the Jungle Corridor, it would be about 400 cumecs, which is appr. 11,000 cft, a typical low flow on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

At the end at Chatra, the flow is a super 800 cumecs, in November, which makes it one of the major rivers of the world in monsoon. A nice thing about Sun Koshi is that the general standard of the river gets progressively harder as you descend it so there is time to practice your skills on easy water before the more interesting, bigger and continuous rapids lower down the river.

\ You can also do some fishing trip in this river.

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Trip Highlights

Sunkoshi River rafting

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Sunkoshi River Rafting - 09 Days

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