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Team of Earthbound Expeditions Nepal

Team of Earthbound Expeditions Nepal:  Professional, friendly tour leaders, guides, helpers in the Himalayan country who serve you with a smile..

Our group leaders and guides are the cream of the crop! They are the reason that Earthbound Holidays' all trip work so well and the reason why so many travelers return to us year after year. They are experienced guides chosen not only for their ability to make every trip more then you'd ever have hoped for, but also for their passion and commitment to Himalayas, it's people and environment  and the Earthbound way of travel. All of Earthbound Holidays' staff are locally employed and all our guides, porters are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. They are always caring , attentive and responsible and ofcourse well paid.

In addition to our native group leaders and guides, we also sometimes use western guides when we go climbing or visit special places. So we get the best of both worlds a western leader with the local know-how who understands your travel needs and our local friends and guides who share their knowledge and experiences. Read more here what our clients said about our guides at Testimonials section »

Our guides have worked with well known geologist, astrologers, lonely planet authors, Actor, pilots, writers and many other high profile customers. We are sure you will always get professional and personalized service with our cheerful guides, best tested in the field.

Our leaders, guides are here to organize the trip and provide you with advice and information, they will respect and encourage a traveler's needs to explore independently and will ensure the trip allows it. One of the great advantages of the Earthbound Holidays' leader is the introduction they give you to the country you visit, pointing you in the right direction for the best place to eat or teaching some useful everyday phrases. However, you will probably find that you rely of them less and less during your trip as you become more adventurous and familiar with your surroundings. Our Nepal leaders are trained from the Nepal Academy of tourism and hotel management and registered license holder. Like wise our India, Tibet Bhutan tour leader / guides also trained from respected country's national tourist academy and registered license holder.  All of them have general training about first aid medical course and eco - tourism.

Here you will get to know about the team of "Earthbound Holidays", their personal and professional backgrounds and their current role. You can find the words of praise about them in our "Testimonials" sections by our clients. Please through our"Testimonials" sections to know more about them too.

Mr. Nischal Kunwar 
[ Managing Director)Nischal Kunwar

NIschal was born in a tourism hub of Nepal in Thamel district of Kathmandu. His Grand fathers were the fighters to save country from the forign invantation. From a very young age he start knowing about tourists and their activities in his neighbourhood so he decided to help them in many ways ( pointing them the name of the places in the Map to giving right advice what to do and what not). He was very passionate about the beauties and secrets that could be found within Nepal Himalayas. This together with his love for Hospitality encouraged him to come into the tourism industry.

He has led trips to some of the most beautiful parts of the Himalayan region (i.e. Langtang and Annapurna Regions).

Having met people from different countries and also travelled himself to few countries, he felt that the service provided by trekking companies in Nepal could be further improved to meet international standard. Therefore he started Earthbound Holidays together with tourism experts.

Rajan Simkhada - Trip Planner and Leader ( one of the founder of the company) - currently President of the Company

Rajan SimkhadaMr. Rajan started his career in tourism as a Front Desk Attendant at a Hotel in Thamel in 1994. In 1996, he joined a reputed trekking company, as tour and trek leader. During this period, he led the tours to entire Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sri-lanka and India. After leading many such tours and treks he established himself as a senior guide and later partnering with few of his friends, started an independent company with the banner "Earthbound Holidays".

Rajan also renowned comedian here in Nepal, with radio and TV programs to his credit. You can visit the "Testimonials" section and check some of the comments about him.

At Earthbound Holidays Mr. Rajan Simkhada mostly plans and some times still leads your trip. Of course we have a whole professional team of over three dozens of guides, porters and helpers here to serve you with a smile and care. Since Mr. Simkhada is the key person of our company, here is short introduction about him. Please follow this link if you wish to read more about his professional and personal background Read more about him from this link»...

Beside travel and trekking business we also believe in our responsibility towards our society and good Karma (deeds). We have been part of various social activities & philanthropic events. Please take the time to read what makes us different than most tour and trek operators in Nepal. Making a difference through tourism.


Mr. Kedar Gajurel :
[ General Manager - GM]

Kedar Gajurel

A cheerful dedicated young man is our General manager. A student of a Management, he is responsible for overseeing the entirety of an organisation’s operations.  He is here to help for our group operation from ticket re-confirmation to reservation to create your itinerary. He have been working in tourism over 10 years.

He helps the organization for promoting and marketing the business, sometimes to new or niche markets, he also lead trips some times in Nepal and Tibet Kailash and have been to all of the major trekking routes in Nepal including Everest, Tibet, Kailash, Annapurna, Chitwan and trainned as trekking guide from Govt. of Nepal and hold license. He love travelling so have travelled to UK, Austria, Spain, German and Asia quite a bit. He Have been leading some of our marketing trips to UK and Europe couple of times.


Jenna Markowick
Director, North America

Based in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon, Jenna is an avid world traveler and a well being and outdoor enthusiast.  With several years of tourism industry experience in marketing and public relations, Jenna has worked with clients spanning the globe. Her travels have led her all over the world, from earning a TESOL Certification in Thailand to working in Shanghai, China, at the 2010 World Expo. She most recently visited Nepal and completely fell in love with the country and culture. 

Jenna received her Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park and Master's in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California. At Earthbound Expeditions, she works directly with USA market promoting the company and its tour destinations. 

In her free time, she enjoys yoga, meditation, scuba diving, camping, photography and spending time with her husband Chris. 



Tarek Lughod:
Tarek Lughod[ International Representative ]

Mr. Tarek Lughod is an International Representative of Earthbound Expeditions an award wining travel company. He has taught Bhakti Yoga, Hindu philosophy and Mantra Meditation for the last 25 years. He lived and traveled in Nepal and India for six years where he took company and studied with many Gurus and Swamis. He is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor and expert storyteller and guides many of the India tours. He is taking care of international marketing for Earthbound Expeditions. 




Mrs. Anupa Adhikari (Simkhada):
[ Guest Relation Manager]

Anupa Adhikari

Mrs. Anupa Adhikari a young and Cheerful Lady is the Guest Relation Manager of Earthbound Expeditions. She was born and raised in Kalaiya - Bara south of Nepal, near the boarder of India. As a Guest Relation Manager Anupa is one of the first office arrive. Sometimes, she continues to provide superior customer service after the guests are long gone. She Coordinate and manage communication between guests and staff and follow up to ensure complete service recovery. She helps for our group operation and dealing with clients issue.

She have been working with Earthbound Expeditions since 2009 and enjoying it. She also give hands some times in marketing and have been to all of the major areas in Nepal and have a great interest in social work as well.

She provides all guests with above-and-beyond service to ensure their experience will be worth remembering. She ensures that all guests are happy and satisfied with the services we provided. She love helping people, also member of Lion and she have travelled  to Europe ( France, Italy, Germany, switzerland, Belgium, Holland) and Asia quite a bit. She will be very happy to welcome you here in Nepal the county of Himalays.


Mr. Shree Ram Adhikari 

Trekking Guide (English / Japanese)

 Mr. Shree has been guiding many of trips since 1998 and working with us since 2002.

shreeram Adhikari

 He have successfully trekked allmost all Nepal's Himalayas. He have also been to India Ladakh, Tibet Kailash many times. Have hobby on photography and travel, been to Europe as well. A very accomodating person, a good friend to tarvel with. Government trained certified guide.

What they said... about Mr. Shree
"To my trekking guide, Shreeram - the days we were together provided some deep insights into Nepalese culture and everyday life outside of the city. He give the visitor far more than can be found in a tourist handbook. This is meeting the real Nepalese people and finding a warmth that stays in the heart and travels home. This alone was worth the price of the journey. This does not even recount the sights brought to the eyes of the scenery, the monasteries or the palaces. The pictures do not do justice to these sights. Breathtaking does not describe them."...
Larry from USA, Oct 2006



Mr. Sudip Baral - Mr. Sagar Baral Trekking Guide (English).

Sudip has been guiding many treks since 2005 with us. He have successfully trekked almost all Nepal Himalayas Everest, Langtang, Annapurna, Dhulagiri, Tilicho Lake and Tibet Himalayas, Kailash. He even worked with Lonely planet authors to find new trekking routes in Nepal's new areas. A cheerful gentleman is here to assist you and lead trips. Government trained certified guide.

What they said... about Sudip...
..... Earthbound Expeditions took care of us from airport pick up to the trek. Our trek guide Mr. Sudip and porter  Gokul both were very prepared for Tilicho lake trek. They are always nice, friendly and careful. They were able to understand how we were feeling just looking at us. They knew every single stone of the path we were walking on.We had always good accomodations in all the places we went...
Giulia Tonini and team from Italy August 2008


Mr. Gopal Tamang 
Trekking Guide (English).mr. Gopal Tamang

 Mr. Gopal joined us in 1999 as trekking porter and worked with us until 2003, already became guide. Then he went Malasiya to work in a restaurent for 4 years when tourism was slow in Nepal and again came back and join us in 2007.
A Buddhist soft spoken gentle man have successfully trekked almost all Nepal's Himalayas Everest, Langtang , Mera Peak, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal. Government trained and certified guide.

What they said... about Gopal
... thanks to all the staff of Earthbound Expeditions, guide Gopal and helper Gokul did an excellent job of taking care of us. They were always attentive to our needs, friendly and good-natured. They did everything they could to ensure that our trip was enjoyable, safe and successful.
Andrea and Jim and Canada April 2009


MMr. Shree Ram Adhikarir. Shree Ram Adhikari - (B)
Trekking Guide (English).

Mr. Shree joined us in 2007 as trekking supporter and now promoted as a guide.  A bit shy gentle man have successfully trekked almost all Nepal's Himalayas Everest, Langtang , Annapurna and  Kathmandu Valley Rim. Government trained certified guide.
What they said... about Shree

"our guide Shree was amazing as were our fantastic porters, always smiling, helpful and patient.
Shree was easy going and friendly and super accommodating, he arranged ponys from Tikhe dunga to Gorephani (up the many many steps!) and was very encouraging throughout the entire trek. I would encourage any travellers thinking of taking up a trek through Nepal to contact Earthbound expeditions and ask for Shree in particular, he helped make this trip an unforgettable one......


We have so many other guides : 


Mr. Bharat Tamang , Mr. Hari Adhikari, Mr. Thakur Sapkota, Mr. Gopal Naupane, Mr. Navaraj Sapkota, Mr. Arjun Adhikari, 

Mr. Ratna Tamang , Mr. Bidur Amgai, Chandra Tamang 


Mr. Gokul Prasad Adhikari :-

 A cheerful man is a very experinced trekking cook and assistance. Always very friendly and welcome guests with his big smile. Very polite and hospitable and have been to almost all of the mountains of Nepal Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, Dolpo, Tibet Kailash area.  He is a great cook as well. Come and enjoy the hospitality of a truely Nepali guides and porters.


Mr. Gambu Sherpa :

Trekking Guide / high altitude cook (English )

He has been guiding many trips since 1989. He is a very good cook as well and have supported many expedition teams in Mt. Everest. He have successfully trekked all Nepal and Tibet's Himalayas. He is a main person of our company to lead the high altitude treks specially with the French trekkers. Well experienced safe hand.

Mr. Maule Tamang:
Trekking / Climbing Guide (English).

Mr. Maule Tamang He has been guiding many trips since 1994. He have successfully trekked all Nepal and Tibet's Himalayas. He have been up to the North col of Mt. Everest, he is a good climber as well. This gentleman will assist our any country trekkers to make their trek successful and memorable. Government trained.


Mr. Kaji / Nabin, Gambu, Sarki, Hari , Sabin, Puskar, Mitra,  are our regular supporter (porters) and cook assistance.

These are our regular staffs but we hire a lots of porters , cooks and guides when necessary in season time.