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Nepal Mountain Biking tour , cycling in the Himalaya

Nepal's diverse terrain is a mountain biker's dream adventure come true.

Nepal Mountain Biking tour : Himalayan mountain Bike
Mountain Biking in NepalSandwiched between the two most popular countries of the world, China and India, Nepal has one of the most mountainous areas of the world. The best way to explore the Kathmandu Valley and around is on a mountain bike or cycling, Nepal's diverse terrain is a mountain biker's dream adventure come true. Nepal Mountain biking offers an environmentally sound way of exploring this magnificent Himalayan country, its landscape and living heritage. There are plenty of drift roads and trails in Nepal to meet every mountain biker's wildest fantasy. Mountain biking is a fascinating way to travel the by ways of the valley, visiting little known villages, sacred groves and out of the way temples and monuments. Tours may go out for just the day or may spend two or three days, staying at the science view spots of Dhulikhel, Nagarkot or Daman. Longer tours go from Kathmandu all the way to the southern Tarai region, Pokhara, Ganesh Himal region or Chitwan National Park. Groups with experienced bikers can go to Lanatang Valley or Throng-La or even fly up to Lhasa, Tibet and mountain bike all the way back to Kathmandu.

What's more we can stay at some best lookouts for viewing the mighty Himalayas, from Dhulagiri in the west to Everest in the east, so you won't be missing what is arguably the world's finest mountain scenery. In addition, the valley is also the historic center of Nepal, the place where kingdom's rose and fell, palaces and temples were built and rebuilt and. Nepalese art and culture were developed and refined.

In Nepal mountain bike tour - A combination of superb dirt trails and single track connect the abundance of temples, monasteries and places making it a fascinating place to cycle. These are fun and can still be challenging Mtb trips from 1 to over 14 or 21 days that are suitable to most. We can cater for cyclists of nearly all-riding standards. Here's some of our Nepal it's to look over.

Grading of Cycling

A) Casual : Recreational Cyclists no real mountain biking (MTB) or off- road experience but having general bike skills & enjoys cycling.
B) Intermediate: MTB & / or road cycling experience with some skills developed and enjoys off-road trails.
C) Intermediate Plus: good riding skills with off-road experience and enjoys some challenging trails.
D) Advanced : Regular MTBer seeking tough / challenging single track. No matter what Earthbound Expeditions tour is chosen, safety & health are of major importance to us, so as to keep you 100% well, returning home with great memories.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Kathmandu valley day biking - 1 Day

Kathmandu valley day biking

One day mountain biking around Kathmandu valley rim. When you are in Nepal for short time and ...

Ganesh Himal mountain biking - 7 Days

Ganesh Himal mountain biking

Ganes himal trail is popular for mt. biking trip in Nepal.

The Jomsom trail biking -

The Jomsom trail biking

Like nothing you've ever likely to have done. This rare opportunity allows you to say you Mountain ...