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Lumbini Buddha tour Nepal - 08 Days

Lumbini Buddha tour Nepal
Small group adventure & luxury holidays to the HIMALAYAS with professional and friendly guides. We are a local travel agency that ensures all funds are returned to its people.

Trip Profile

5 days leisurely Lumbini tour iwth stunning views of Himalaya

2 days in Kathmandu valley ( sightseeing of world heritage sights), Nepal

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned” - Buddha

Lumbini in Nepal :

Lumbini is the ultimate piligrimages for every Buddhist – The Star of Asia and symbol of peace, Lord Buddha was born at Lumbini while his mother was on her way to parental home from Kapilvastu. Lumbini should be visited and seen by a person of devotion, being one of the four holy places of Buddhism. The other sites are Boudhagaya, Kushinagar and Sarnath in India.

Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal during the full moon day in the month of Baisakh in 623 B.C. he was born under a Saal tree (Shorea Robusta) when Maya Devi (his mother) was going to her maternal town on the occasion of delivery. After the birth, Buddha took seven steps towards north, which is now shown as seven lotus flowers and, looking in all directions, he declared that "I am the foremost of all creatures to cross the riddle of the ocean of the existence, this is my last birth and here after, I will not be born again".

This newly born Hindu Prince named Siddhartha had supernatural birth & signs, which indicated that the new born child will bring deliverance to the world. Ascetic (Rishis) warned the king that the boy might renounce the world anytime if he happen to come across: (1). The diseased, (2). The old man, (3). The dead body & (4). The ascetic.
The king, alarmed to hear this,  married Prince Siddhartha at an early age and almost imprisoned him in pleasure palaces providing therein all kinds of enjoyments so he will be happy and stay there. However, the prophesy came true and he became The Buddha.

Lumbini is situated in Nepal in the foot hills of Himalayas about 22 kms from Bhairahawa.
It is 230 Kms from Kathmandu, 122 kms from Gorakhpur city in Uttar Pradesh, India . 181 Kms from Kushinagar of Uttar Pradesh and 240 kms from Sravasti of Uttar Pradesh of North India.

Attractions in around Lumbini tour :

The birth place itself is interesting as a whole, the landscapes and the green forestry.  Maya Devi Temple, the Stupas and the Pillar built by great King Ashoka alone are worth a visit. Recently, several beautiful shrines have been constructed by devotees from all over the world. A visit to Lumbini is not only for spiritual enlightenment but also for solace and satisfaction that one gets in such a calm and peaceful place.

Maya Devi Temple - Lumbini remained neglected for centuries. In 1895, Feuhrer, a famous German archaeologist, discovered the great pillar, further exploration and excavation of the surrounding area revealed the existence of a brick temple and a sandstone sculpture within the temple itself which represents the scenes of Buddha’s birth. On the south of the Maya Devi temple There is the famous sacred bathing pool known as Puskarni. It is believed that Maha Devi took a bath in this pool before the delivery. The temple is built gradually and is composed of many Buddhist temples, one after the other. It is also found that there is possibility that a Ashoka Stupa existed in the place of temple.

The Ashokan pillar - The Ashokan Pillar, essentially erected by Ashoka (249 BC) visited Lumbini and erected an inscribed Ashokan Pillar on the spot of Buddha's birth. The inscription of the pillar (the oldest in Nepal) declares that Ashoka granted Lumbini tax-free status in honor of Buddha’s birth. It is 6m high and half of it is beneath the ground. It is behind the Maya Devi Temple, and to the west of the Temple. Emperor Ashoka erected many other pillars throughout India. The carved top of the pillar has never been found.

The Buddhist monastery - Its built in the way of the modern Buddhist Temples of Nepal, but is quite important in light of the architecture of the walls. The middle hall contains some exquisite murals resembling the medieval periods'.

Excursions Tour from Lumbini

Kapilvastu - A holy destination related deeply with the life of a legend, Lord Buddha. Kapilvastu is the place where Lord Buddha had lived his childhood and the days of teenage, in complete luxury. The capital of King Shuddhodhan, Kapilvastu still carries with it the mystic charm. It houses many sculptures of Buddhism, which present a landscape before that visitors that makes them feel calm and content. Kapilvastu carries the visitors away to the ancient days when Buddha was a small child and a prince. The place is situated 27 km south of Lumbini.

How to get there

Air - Bhairahwa is the nearest airport, 22 kms , well connected to Kathmandu airport. At present, about 28 international airlines connect Nepal to various other destinations in Asia and the Middle East.

Rail - Gorakhpur, In India, is the nearest railhead, 122 km from Lumbini.

Road - Good motorable roads connect Bhairahwa to Lumbini, and also other important cities of Nepal. India border is 22 kms from Lumbini.

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Trip Highlights

Lumbini tour is a classic Nepal tour into the heart of the impressive landscapes Himalayas with unsurpassed views, along with an exceptional culture experience into the modern hill and low land life of west Nepal

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Trip Facts

Availability: Every week through out the year how ever (July - Aug) is not recommended.

Style: Guided trip, Tea House Trekking

Grade: Easy

Maximum elevation: 1300 Mtr.

Accommodation: 3 star accommodation in cities

Transport: Car / Bus included

Meals included: 7 breakfasts, 1 dinners

Note: Lumbini tour involves 4 - 5 hours of drives

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