Helicopter Tour to Mt. Kailash - 12 Days

This Kailash and Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopter is designed to all the pious pilgrims (yatris) who cross oceans and continents in order to have a glimpse of the abode of Lord Shiva in a short time and a bit easy way.

Holy Mount Kailash is one of the most popular ultimate Hindu pilgrimage sites in Himalayan region dedicated to Lord Shiva where every devotee wants to go. Mount Kailash, which is believed to have been formed 30 million years ago when Himalayas were in their early stage of formation, is one of the most revered places in the Himalayas.

Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash are two of the holiest pilgrimage areas to devotees of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Bonism and many other faiths. Each year thousands of devotees undertake the treacherous and rigorous journey through the mountains and plains of Nepal and China ( Tibet) to reach this sacred land.

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Mt. Kailash, 6,740 mtr. high peak is situated to the north of the Himalayan barrier, wholly within Tibet. It is the perfect mountain with awesome beauty, with four great faces. It is the spiritual centre for four great religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, the Jain religion and the pre-Buddhist animistic religion – Bonpo. For the Hindus Mount Kailash is the earthly manifestation of Mt. Meru, their spiritual centre of the universe, described as a fantastic ‘world pillar’ 84,000 miles high, around which all else revolves, its roots in the lowest hell and its summit kissing the heavens. On the top live their most revered God, Shiva, and his consort Parvati. For the Jains, an Indian religious group, Kailash is the site where their first prophet achieved enlightenment. For the older, more ancient religion of Bon, it is the site where its founder Shanrab is said to have descended from heaven.

Spread out on the Tibetan plateau beside Mount Kailash is the giant lake of shifting colors – Lake Mansarovar. Brahma, the creator, had a mind (“Man”) for the creation of a lake (“Sarovar”), hence its name ( Mansarovar). A pilgrimage to Mount Kailash and a bath in the Mansarovar is believed to bring about salvation (Moksha) and washed away all the sins of life. Over the centuries pilgrims have constantly journeyed immense distances to achieve enlightenment or cleanse themselves of sin, braving enormous distances, particularly harsh weather and bandit attacks. People have been visiting Kailash – Mansarovar for centuries. It used to be very hard journey in the past; today we (Earthbound Expeditions) can bring you there with help of Landcrusiors via Kathmandu. So it is lot easy to reach to the heaven now

“We do not Experiment, We Excel with Experience”: We have leadres that have been to Kailash mansarover over 7 times, the trip planner Mr. Rajan have been to Kailash over 16 times in last 11 years, please hear from our clients who have been to Kailash – mansarovar tour with us and how much they enjoyed it with us.

Many agents claim that they run Kailash trip and in cheap price, but the fact is that only few companies deal directly with Tibet agent and have experience of running Kailash trip. Please consult well and ask many questions before you book the trip so you are charged properly and treated well. So called big companies sometimes don’t pay good attention to their clients. You need really good care to complete this Yatra. If you have own group of 6 or more person for kailash tour we may able to give smalll discount for group leader.

Trip Profile

12 days Kailash mansarovar tour by Helicopter ( Yatra)
2 days in Kathmandu, Pashupatinath and other world heritage sights
10 days in Tibet, reach to Kailash - Mansarovar by jeep and back.

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"As the dew is dried up by the morning Sun so are the sins of human beings by the sight of Himalaya, Holy Mt. Kailash - Skanda Purana (Hindu Ritual Text Book)

Holy Mt. Kailash :
Held most scarad by the devotees of Lord shiva. This is considered as the seat of Maharudra.
The Lord's mountain appear majestic with the surrounding of many smaller cliffs resembling the attendent divines of the Lord.
The Lord is worshiped by the Buddhists and Jains also.
Gaurikund, the Thirtha on the parikrama route is one of the ponds at the tallest place (19000+ feet over sea level) in the world.
Kailash is also known as the "Sumeru Parvat"- centre of the universe.
"We do not Experiment, We Excel with Experience" : We have leaders that have been to Kailash over 7 times, the trip planner Mr. Rajan have been to Kailash over 14 times in last 7 years, please hear from our clients who have been to Kailash - mansarover Yatra with us and how much they enjoyed it with us.

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Mount Kailash - The abode of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati : Mt. Kailash is claimed to be the apex of the Hindu religious axis, is also one of the holist mountains in Tibet . Lord Shiva resides in Kailash among the peaceful Himalayas. A mythological story says that Lord Shiva once built a house for himself but gave it away to a devotee who asked for it. Thus without changing his residence he settled in the mountain of Kailash. This is his abode where he stays with his whole family including his wife Goddess Parvati and children Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikiya and the other Shiv Ganas (group of Shiva Devotees) like Nandi and others. According to ancient religious texts, the abode of Lord Vishnu is called Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Bhrama is called Bhramaloka and the abode of Lord Shiva is called Kailash. Of the three, one can only go bodily and return in this life from Kailash having experienced divinity. The Hindus, buddhist and Jains all alike travel to this place as pilgrims. A journey to Kailash mansarovar is considered as once in a lifetime achievement.

Interested in this trip? Send your questions or start booking.

    Interested in this trip? Send your questions or start booking.

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    Interested in this trip? Send your questions or start booking.

    What is included

    1. All accommodation in 4 star hotels in cities
    2. All Ground transportation
    3. Kathmandu sightseeing with city tour guide
    4. Full board meal during the trekking
    5. Govt. trained guide and necessary no. of porters with their insurance, salary and meals
    6. One cultural show and dinner
    7. All entry fees and TIMS permit
    8. All Domestic Flight according to Itinerary
    9. Sleeping bag and Down jacket for trek

    What is not included

    1. International Flight
    2. Major meals in Cities
    3. Monuments entrance fees
    4. All personal expenses such as bar bills, beverage, snacks etc.
    5. Airport tax
    6. Extra shower, battery re-charge, laundry charge etc.
    7. Personal clothing and gears
    8. Tips to guide and porter
    9. Cost raised by cancelation, landslide, weather, political unrest, illness which are not under our control .

    Interested in this trip? Send your questions or start booking.

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